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With our employees hailing from various backgrounds and qualifications, along with a combination of specialised and diverse professionals, Kitchen Lab functions within an unconventional framework. The modern culture of our organisation is visible in every level of the hierarchy, giving scope for innovation  and empowerment among the members of our staff. System controls are aptly regulated and enforced to meet our desire to offer the consumer a superior service.

Kitchen Lab Cares Initiative speaks eloquently of the values embedded within our organisation. The need to think beyond monetary gains and profit maximization has been at the forefront of our movement towards offering a free meal to the unemployed. 2017 will draw us closer to new horizons in terms of giving back to the society. An orphanage for children whose parents were lost at the war is our next objective.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Our kitchens are HACPP compliant and certified with safety and hygienic standards. The outlets are hack certified while all chefs, kitchen cadre and staffare well trained according to HACCP certification. The team of Kitchen Lab is drawn from Far East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, UK and the Emirate of Dubai. All Chef de cuisines have an international experience of over a decade.

Kitchen Lab Farm

The perfect dining experience begins from rightly sourcing the ingredients used. Kitchen Lab operates its own farms in Dubai from which fresh vegetables, meat and poultry is dispatched to the kitchens on a daily basis. Not only does this differentiate Kitchen Lab from the other restaurants but ensures control and consistency over the entire supply chain, guaranteeing the quality of food that is served to the consumer.

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