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It doesn’t get much more traditional in Danish culture than with smorrebrod (literally meaning “buttered bread”). Essentially an open-faced sandwich usually featuring rye sourdough bread, smorrebrod presents different combinations of seafood, meat, vegetables and condiments, and are typically enjoyed with a cold drink. The Danish SMORREBROD isn’t just any sandwich but an open-faced culinary creation with combination of ingredients and taste.

We offer classic Danish SM(Z)RREBR(Z)D Sandwich with new baked rye bread with inspiration from Denmark. We also offer Swedish Sandwich Cake (Smorgastarta), Fresh Juice, our own brand Coffee, and picnic lunches. Picnic baskets will also be available in the store and over the internet along with other products. The main products will be varieties of Sm0rrebnzld (Danish open sandwich) and the infamous Smorgastarta (Swedish sandwich cake)

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